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Teaneck Board of Education Member Danielle Gee Endorses Huttle Slate in District 37

Teaneck Board of Education Member Danielle Gee Endorses Huttle Slate in District 37

Danielle Gee, a member of the Teaneck Board of Education who broke the town record for the most votes in any Teaneck municipal election ever last year, has endorsed Valerie Vainieri Huttle, Gervonn Romney Rice and Lauren Kohn Dayton for State Senate and Assembly in District 37.

Gee issued the following statement in support of Huttle and her slate:

“Recently many have asked me who I plan to support in the NJ District 37 legislative race. My philosophy has always been to support the candidate who will be the strongest advocate for me, my immediate family, my Teaneck family and more broadly all NJ residents. Over the past few weeks, I have taken the time to do some additional research on all of the candidates and given what I have learned, the choice is clear. I am proud to offer my support and commitment to ensure that Valerie Vainieri Huttle is our district’s next State Senator.”

“Valerie’s record speaks for itself: she has been a champion for women’s rights, a stout advocate for working families, the voice for adults and children with disabilities, a strong supporter of gun violence prevention and so much more. But it’s about more than her record. I stand with Valerie because her story is one that I’ve heard before, and experienced first-hand. How many times are strong, bright, passionate, qualified women told to “wait your turn?” – even when they have better credentials and a stronger resume. I received the same pushback when I ran for the Teaneck Board of Education. “Wait your turn”, they said. “You haven’t met with the right people”, they said. Like Valerie, I said, “No” and took my message directly to the people of Teaneck. Our residents spoke loud and clear with their votes. Three shy of 11,000 voters stood behind me on November 3rd last year. Now, we have more work to do. On June 8th, I’m calling on all of you to speak again with your votes. Join me in supporting Valerie Vaineiri Huttle for NJ District 37 State Senate.”


“I also want to support Valerie’s slate members, Gervonn Romney Rice and Lauren Dayton for Assembly. As a Teaneck Board of Education member and parent of three children in the school district, I can not emphasize enough the importance of having someone from Teaneck represent us in the legislature. Gervonn has a proven track record of community service and leadership in Teaneck, both as a Councilwoman and Board of Education member. With Senator Loretta Weinberg’s departure from public service, we must support Gervonn so that Teaneck has a strong voice in the state legislature. Lauren rounds out this power-house team as an ivy-league graduate, seasoned attorney and Tenafly Councilwoman. I am so excited to support these rockstar women leaders on June 8th and I hope you all will join me.”

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